DIY: The Ultimate Headlamp (Or Practically Anywhere Lamp)


Inspiration comes at the most random times, and in the most random of places.  At the 2017 SEMA show, I was talking to the crew at Baja Designs when I noticed that one of the guys had built a battery powered Squadron light, and it got me thinking.  What if I could take a small Baja Designs light like the S2 Pro, and 3D-print a mount for it that would make the light work with the GoPro ecosystem of mounts?

This way I could mount the light on my helmet, or any place a GoPro mount could be used, including the magnetic mounts we covered in our meet the maker series of articles.  The S2 Pro’s 2,450 Lumens of light mounted on a helmet, bike, or in any dark place...

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hmm. I'm not sure if I want a can of soda on my head.
The light output is definitely worth the weight penalty. Honestly none of the folks that rode with the light in testing or for photos even mentioned the weight of the light.
I’ve been doing this with cheap Chinese lights for a few years. Bought an S2Pro yesterday. I have some aluminum mounts that I machined to mate with the GoPro. I hope I can use these. Great idea and write up.
this is great! thanks for sharing. do you have the stl file for the switch box? i'm gathering parts right now to start building one.
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