It’s hot. The heat is oppressive. The wind is blowing but it isn’t refreshing. Stiff and dry. The landscape is ancient. Rocky. Dusty. Barren. Like another planet. Mars but brown, not red. Still, I love it here.
I was first introduced to Anza-Borrego by my step-father when I was 13. He took me for a hike up Palm Canyon. The hike starts in the sand on the valley floor. The trail gradually begins to climb and the colors change. At the top, amid the sand and boulders, is an oasis. A small grouping of palm trees. Bright green palm fronds stand in stark contrast to the dark reds and browns of the surrounding rock. I was completely captivated.
We returned several more times. Sometimes for a hike. Sometimes for a family weekend in a rented house in Borrego Springs. I loved every visit. Life took me away from San Diego and I didn’t return to the desert of Borrego for many years.
When I did return, I was no longer exploring primarily on foot. I had built myself a truck. There were new areas...
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I grew up in Escondido Ca. We went to Borrego Springs on the weekends to camp and go riding in dune buggys and ride ATCs. Not ATVs. Lots of good memories.
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