American Adventurist began at a campfire near Anza Borrego.  There’s just something inherently right about spending time around a campfire with good people, and we wanted to do more of it.  Fast forward eight years to a long weekend running trails with barbecues, gear raffles, potlucks and classes on everything from astrophotography to advanced vehicle recovery techniques, these times spent around the campfire are some of our best memories.  In the end it’s all about the people, and for the last eight years we’ve been teaching people how to have fun in the desert while leaving Anza-Borrego better than we found it.  This is the 8th Annual Desert Rendezvous hosted by American Adventurist.

For 2018, we came up with too many activities to pack into three days, so we added an extra day to all of our events.  This year the event started on Thursday and...
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steve c

Freaking nailed it, Chad! Great write up.
I'm on my 5th Desert Rendezvous and DEFINITELY look forward to it each year.
This year could not have gone better.
I especially liked all the new faces we had this go around. Lots of folks out for their first taste of how the American Adventurist organization runs an event. (Absolutely great in my opinion)

I look forward to the next Desert Rendezvous.

Three dumpsters next year??? @Dave ?
Excellent. Reminds me of how I squandered my 4 years in the Mojave. Eager for the AppRendezvous and still making up for lost time in the mean time.
Don’t forget the great photos by @Gear and @richard310 - they killed it with photos this year!

Proper attribution guys! :tango
LOL, sorry @Dave! It was white text on a light gray bar in between two full width images... I was distracted by the pretty pictures. Totally missed the photo attribute box below the amazing sponsor list. I was too distracted by their continued support and unwavering generosity.

I'll do better next time!
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