**CLOSED**NoCO Battery Jump starters Group buy 3.0**


NoCo battery jump starters!

This group buy was requested by a few people here and on T4R.org. I had never heard of these before, but after doing some research these jump starters seem like the real deal!


This group buy will be for the GB40, GB50, GB70, and GB150 series:





GB40 - 25% off MSRP and free shipping

GB50 - 25% off MSRP and free shipping

GB70 - 30% off MSRP and free shipping

GB150 - 30% off MSRP and free shipping

Check NoCo website for MSRP Prices

If you see a lower price, PM me with the information and I will see if the vendor can beat it. DO NOT POST.

Shipping Scoop:

1. Free shipping CONUS

2. Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska are excluded.

3. Items will be bulk ordered and shipped individually by the vendor.

4. Taxes for California residents

If you are interested in this:

Sign up by replying to this thread. Don’t chicken out. You are either in or you aren’t. NO maybe, no waiting on the wife, gf or bf to get permission. There is enough time to make up your mind or find a doctor to sell your kidney or pawn your wife’s jewelry. If you are on the fence to see if it’ll go up to max discount before you jump in, you are HOLDING the group buy back. Don’t be that dude.
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1. @Extra Hard Taco
2. @Tanmann
3. @sd1uh8as
5. @sabotanker
6. @smdcbr
7. @rob1208
8. @K Williams
9. @House Forsaken
10. @Blue Canary
11. @wink4x4
12. @Cav_BluTRD
13. @s4nsc
14. @Katchaser00
15. @trainracer (tundras)
16. @fusion94 (tundras)
17. @2tall (tundras)
18. @apatt (tundras)
19. @kc9562 (tundras)
20. @danno266 (tundras)
21. @pk960 (t4r.org)
22. @vultradamus (t4r.org)
23. @bvanderberg (AA)
24. @glenmonte
25. @08tacomike
26. @fasteddieyj
28. @Iwilltaco
29. @i30nes
30. @Spare Parts
31. @420taco
32. @BortisYeltzen
33. @RickS
34. @Cushmaat
35. @xyleff (tundras)
36. @Oey12 (4runners)
37. @mywfsrnnr (4runners)
38. @daxone (t4r.org)
39. @mict450
40. @1stDueE8
41. @tee4r (t4r.org)
42. @prairie (t4r.org)
43. @The Pirate
44. @Jwlinthicum
45. @chrslefty
46. @Blucuss
47. @Abel villesca (AA)
48. @moejoe outfitters (AA)
49. @Axxe_Man (T4R.org)
50. @desid (t4r.org)
51. @narat_524 (t4r.org)
52. @Tucson4runner (t4r.org)
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Purchasing will start this week.

Vendor is returning from SEMA and should be reaching out to me. I will send instructions as soon as I have them.

List has been updated
Ordering instructions sent. If you didn't get them, please let me know.

The estimated turnaround is 10 days, 14 days WORST CASE.

Vendor places pallet order on Thursday morning. So any issues, payments, inconsistencies MUST be resolved by Wednesday end of business day Pacific time. No EXCEPTIONS!

This ensures that we get everything by Thanksgiving week!
The purchasing period of this group buy closes Tomorrow - 7PM central/5PM Pacific.

The vendor MUST put the order in with Noco first thing Thursday morning. No exceptions.

Pending invoices will suffer an immediate death with no mercy.

If you are missing an invoice and it is 12PM Wednesday, LET ME KNOW.

Check your spam. Check your paypal account for pending invoices.

I will NOT be able to do anything for you when the bell tolls.
At 5PM California time, the GB will close.

If you have pending invoices, pay them.

If you have links, make your purchase.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

There will be NO "I posted before 5PM, can I still get in?"

I can't be stuck on here waiting to see if anyone else is interested so if you miss it, you miss it.

Frank had to leave the country due to unforeseen circumstances. The NoCo pallet had already shipped, so there was panic in regards to the material. To prevent having the pallet stuck at a warehouse over Thanksgiving until he returned, we agreed on the following.

To reroute the NoCo to my house:

Frank sent me shipping boxes:

Provided all shipping labels, packing slips, and tape:

I boxed up as much as I could before the post office closed:

All GB40s and GB70s were dropped off at the post office 15 minutes before closing :anon:

The boxing material for the GB50s and GB150s were lost in transit so I had to use some boxes I had laying around to pack up.

These will go out MONDAY.

FYI - The return address on the labels have my name and address on it and not Frank's. The reason this is done is to have the correct shipping rate from TEXAS instead of California.

Also, if there was an issue with a package and it goes return to sender, it will come to me and not Frank's office while he's away.

DISCLAIMER - This is mentioned because I am not affiliated with the vendor.
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