Canoe camping 3-day float


Who camps out of a canoe? We are planning a 3-day float down the Gunnison River later this month. While we’ve fished out of the canoe and gone paddling, we‘ll be newbies at a camping canoe trip.

Anyone have any pointers? We’ve got our life vests and two dry bags. No dogs on this first long outing...not yet!


Make sure ALL gear is in WP bags and secured to canoe. Jet boil and dehydrated food works great even instant coffee. Plan for rain if it does in your area and bring a sponge or way to keep water from building. SPOT X or Inreach would be smart. I lost my hat last trip overnight and was pissed so now a spare ;) As usual be sure somebody knows your plans and timeline... you never know. Oh and HAVE A BLAST!
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