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So I'm building a new "Chuck box" utilizing the stacking Rigid cargo boxes. Was going to get the Milwaukee set up but they are made in China, where as the Rigid's are made in of a non made in China kick right now.

We have used the GSI Bugaboo set up for about 10 years and it's definitely needs a replacement.

What other options are you guys using? Hoping to get away from anything Teflon coated. Stainless preferable.


I had good luck with my GSI stuff, but switched to a set from Sea-to-Summit because it's like 3/4" shorter and I was trying to fit everything into a specific case that I already owned. They're anodized aluminum, but seem fairly tough. Thin material, but I've not had any problems with scorching food, so it seems to be conducting well enough for the butane/propane burners I'm using.

My only complaint thus far is that they use a swiveling handle with a latching mechanism that's a little finicky. The smaller pot has surprised me a couple of times when I thought it was latched and then it pivoted. This is more of a problem because I'm left-handed and tend to tilt the pot to the right (swinging side of the handle) when dishing food or pouring liquid. Being diligent about checking that the latch is really snapped is all that's required.


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Another vote for GSI, I have the nesting set for 4 people...not your grandma's fine china, but it gets the job done.


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I Picked up Snow Peak pots, plates and bowls the last big sale they had. All stainless, and have the coffee mugs as well.
Same. I have a mix of stainless and titanium Snow Peak stuff that is pretty much timeless, and indestructible. My coffee pot is GSI though, it was the perfect size to fit in my AluBox.

For "pots and pans", I've downsized to just carrying the Snow Peak 1500 cookset (aluminum, 2 qt capacity). It nests, and with this simple lightweight set I can do just about any camp meal I care to cook.

If I want to cook big (or if you want to trade teflon for weight), cast iron is legit and I also have my Lodge Dutch Oven.



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