BLM permanently closes 317 miles of trails around Moab…

It really does. I’ve watched this slow drumbeat over the last 30 years of closures all across the US.

The end goal seems to be keeping people out of the wilderness completely and within easy reach of LE. They want us crowded into ever smaller areas. Just like Disneyland, stay on the approved paths… unless you’re a hiker, you’re literally being locked out.

Which has me seriously considering going all the way in on backpacking because I can walk off into public lands in most any direction and be completely off the radar and enjoying peace and solitude if I so desire. Which is what many of us seek when we venture off in a 4WD.

My biggest gripe is that all of these closures literally lock out every elderly person, anyone with disabilities, and most families who can’t hike in. Seems like a good basis for a class action lawsuit if you ask me.
A statement from the Blue Ribbon Coalition, along with its appeal, claimed the block on vehicles entering public lands violates several laws in particular:

The National Environmental Policy Act. Before deciding on proposed rules, the act requires agencies to research how the proposal would affect the environment.

The Dingell Act. This act says agencies have to be reasonable in their interpretation of rules and laws.

The Appointments Clause of the US Constitution. This does several things but the groups focus their claims on some of the definitions put forth by the law. The groups claimed that because the BLM is not an elected officer, “the final actions taken by that employee are invalid and unconstitutional.”
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