Black Series Campers??


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I was running back and forth to one of my project sites and along the 60 Freeway I noticed these wicked-looking trailers. Pulled off the freeway drove around to where their warehouse was and saw all of these off road trailers lined up. I wasn't allowed in as there was a general contractor still building out the space. He was nice enough to tell me that they should open and and two to three months but to check out their website.

On the exterior they look very well built. Similar to my my older Kamproo and Conquest trailers. The pictures below where is closest I could get. But their website above shows a lot of detail.

20180816_123818.jpg 20180816_123831.jpg 20180816_123845.jpg 20180816_123858.jpg


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On the exterior they look very well built.
They made a big splash at Expo West 2018. Very flashy.

But in typical trade show fashion, the people manning the booth had NO real clue about our market segment or the materials used, technical specs etc and could not answer my most basic questions.

I understand these are “designed in Australia”, made in China, and “assembled in LA”.

Time will tell if they are any good or not.


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@Mitch is going to have a fit when he sees that they come with TWO 100aH batteries.:soapbox At least the pop up model I was looking at does, didn't check the whole line up out.
Appears they have plenty of room for solar on top, and room for shore power.

My issue is the folks who put in a dual battery, set their fridges to 25°, leave it on 24/7 and then cry when their batteries die won't take a charge anymore 10 years before the batteries expected death date.

If they wired the batteries correctly (unlike another trailer company who I won't name, lets just call them TobyOne), and correctly wired their accessories with large enough gauge wire and USE FUSES (unlike TobyOne doesn't think fuses are needed because that's how the guy was told to build it).

Unfortunately most of these trailer manufacturers are great trailer builders, but don't want to hire people who know how to wire correctly and safely, and I've seen some that are ready to burn down right off the showroom floor. Huge and notable exception to Turtleback who has put as much thought and care into the wiring build as they put into the rest of the trailer (not a paid statement, just true).


I looked at them when I was looking at travel trailers.. the 22-24' model they have runs about $50,000 while nice, way too much money for me. I went a little less expensive thought and bought a no boundaries 19.5 for our national park type camping.

The more I read about these trailers the more a single thought just grows larger and larger.

Marketing ripoff for an off road trailer that is cheaply built.


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^^^^Specific concerns about the quality? Made in USA travel trailers designed for the street come with a 1 year warranty, and the best structural warranty I've seen is 3 years.
I've got no vested interest in this company, but a 5 year structural warranty is pretty impressive considering their intended use. I will say that I think the dual shock set up is a bit gimmicky, one quality shock should be adequate for damping.
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