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The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most commonly used overland vehicles out there with a huge following worldwide. The reason is simple, they just work and require very little if any in the way of custom fabrication. I have owned my Gen 2 Tacoma for five years and have it setup just right, with one exception. I’d prefer bigger tires. Don’t get me wrong, my 33” Falken Wildpeak MTs have always pulled off exactly what I wanted to and in some occasions more than what others thought possible. With the truck hitting 100,000 miles and parts starting to fail due to sheer mileage the opportunity presented itself to go to 35” tires.
We had just returned from Overland Expo and there were several problems that needed addressing. First, we lacked power because of the sheer weight of the truck, and I averaged a mere 10mpg to Phoenix and from Flagstaff. I had known that my best solution to fix this issue was to...

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I agree, 35s are a good choice for a small camping vehicle. It means you have enough suspension and clearance for 99.9% of trails. I had 38 bias ply tires on my jeep. It was an animal off-road but on the highway it was terrible. I went to 35" BFG KM2s and would never go back. I have 4.88s. I could probable use 4.56s but not worth the expense to change.
Thanks, I appreciate the information.

Can anyone comment on whats normal fuel mileage on basic, unmodified 4wd Tacomas with average all season tires?

I mostly drive like a grandpa, and basic speed limit, which can be 75-80 in the west. My 95 Suburban got 14.5, the 2wd 05 4runner is getting 22-24 on the road, 20-22-ish around town driving. Not sure exactly what direction I'll go on the next vehicle, likely a 4wd 4runner, lightly modified, but still liking the pop-up camper idea on a pickup for some purposes.
From everything I have read regarding four-wheel-drive tacomas the average fuel mileage is literally different vehicle to vehicle. My truck averaged 17 miles to the gallon until I put the RTT on the roof and went to the wider 33. My mileage did not change from stock all the way through fully armored with 255 wide 33s. It suffered a lot going to the wider heavier tires and the RTT on my roof killing my aerodynamics.

When I had the 225 wide 33s I never felt underpowered. When I went to the heavier and wider 33s I instantly said whoa I need to re gear then the RTT went on a week later.

But I have talk to other people who never got better than 14 stock and some people claiming to still get in the 20 region with a built truck. If you go on Tacoma world there is a thread about miles per gallon and everyone is all over the place
^This. My 2001 gets about 13-14 mpg on 35's... and the modest power of an LS1 V8. :D
Thanks, I appreciate the information.

Can anyone comment on whats normal fuel mileage on basic, unmodified 4wd Tacomas with average all season tires?

Before my modifications, my 2003 DC 4x4 numbers: 15mpg city, 18 highway, with the stock BFGoodrich Rugged Snails in 265/70R/16 aired up to 40 psi.

YMMV...of course. ;)
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