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Read his posting...amazed he survived two attacks from the same bear.

What stuck out most in my mind were the facts that the bear charged right through his cloud of discharged bear spray, and still attacked him...and that during the attack his pistol and holster were torn from his body and thrown 5 feet away.

To @sfsmedic 's point, all the preparation in the adventure world (bear spray, firearms, education) does not "prepare" you for the variables faced when dealing with real world circumstances (a grizzly sow protecting her cubs).
When a bear adrenaline dumps which is what happens when they go into prey or protection mode they usually require to be physically broken down in order to stop the charge. Which is why it's not all that surprising she went through the bear spray.

There are many reported events of bears attacking and either leaving the scene or dying after the victim falls unconscious and therefore appear lifeless. The threat is gone so the adrenaline dump stops and wears off. Then the bear leaves or bleeds to death.
I live in bear country. Alaska brown bears are all over where I run and frequent many neighborhoods. I ALWAYS run with bear spray this time of year(after hibernation and hungry before the berries and salmon are available). Bears attack because they are threatened. Make it known that you are out there. If you are running with someone, talk to them.
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Andy G

The best bear defense involves having 2 things with you at all times.

#1 - a "friend".
#2 - a .22 pistol.

Bear attack? Shoot #1 in the knee with #2. Make your escape.

You can thank me later. :) haha
Lot's of interesting information being put out here. One small detail I thought should be thrown into the mix when it comes to bear spray, especially a fogger type deployment canister is wind strength and direction. If you deploy the spray into even a light breeze prepare to suffer the effects of that chemical agent. If you have never been exposed to something like that you might want to so you will know how you will react when it hits you and it probably will. You certainly do not want to have to deal with the effects of a chemical agent and a bear that is eyeing you like a drunk does to a California Burrito at 0300 in the morning. I'm not attempting to discourage the use of bear spray but always try and have a plan B because the Irishman is going to get involved with Plan A.
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