Bailey's 2010 Tundra - Adventure Build (w/ Trip Photos)


Updated the original post with the current "build"

I have something exciting coming tomorrow. I decided to order a hitch-mounted bike rack from 1UP USA. This will allow me to take my MTB with me on my travels and hit some amazing trails. I can't tell you how many spots I've passed on my travels and wished I had my bike with me. Very excited to receive this :)

Adding some exterior lighting to the Truck & Camper. A pair of Baja Designs S2 Sports in Work/Scene will go on the exterior sides of the camper and the S2 Sport Flush Mounts are replacing my existing lights in the rear bumper. Note: Might change the lenses to Amber. Going to wait and see how everything looks first

I'm going to try and install everything this weekend. The plan is to wire all 4 lights using my switch pros and have activation via in-cab switch or my phone.

After 6 months of running a Four Wheel Camper on my Toyota Tundra, it's time for more organized storage. I ran a Goose Gear system in my FJ Cruiser and was very happy. I decided to reach out to them to see if they had an interest in developing a system for the Toyota Tundra CrewMax (07-13).

While chatting with Goose Gear, Brian determined it would be best to offer 3 options for customers. A 40% delete, 60% delete, or the option to delete all 100%. This allows you to run a drawer on the passenger side, driver side, or a drawer on both sides.

He took some measurements and did his magic on the computer. It was impressive to see the computer design come to life on the CNC machine:

A few pics of the prototypes:
40% Delete

60% Delete

100% Delete

Production models will be coated in bullet liner and the access cubbies will be fully assembled with latches.

I plan to delete the entire back seat and run 2-22" wide drawers (one on each side). This will allow me to store my jumper cables, tools, bike gear, and more. The dog will have a bed on top of the drawer so he can be comfortable on our adventures.

I'll post more pictures as progress is made on the seat delete and drawers. At this time, I don't have any clue when GG will release production models. They are just starting this project :)
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Had a few things I needed to fix before we could finish the Goose Gear Rear Seat Delete

One of them was covering the hole that was behind the rear seat. The previous owner of this truck had quite a few radios mounted to a custom panel behind the seat. I ended up removing the panel and covering the hole.

I added an MSA 4x4 small organizer from Adventure Imports, my Adventure Medical Kit, and a few random patches. Happy with how this turned out

Now it's time to make more progress on the seat delete
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