**ARB compressors 6.0 - Group Buy**

**Purchasing starts as soon as we have 10 participants and will extend until Feb 28th**

ARB compressors!



Even the Single and Duals with the tank!


Discount is 18% off ARB MSRP and free shipping CONUS for TWIN compressors.

Discount is 15% off ARB MSRP and free shipping CONUS for all other compressors.

If you find a better price, please PM me!

MSRP Prices found here - https://www.arbusa.com/air-compressors/

***Fine Print***

Minimum 10 participants required for group buy prices to take into effect.

Taxes for California residents.

Please do not post the final discounted price on the thread

Shipping for CONUS only

If you are interested in this:

Sign up by replying to this thread. Don’t chicken out. You are either in or you aren’t. NO maybe, no waiting on the wife, gf or bf to get permission. There is enough time to make up your mind or find a doctor to sell your kidney or pawn your wife’s jewelry. If you are on the fence to see if it’ll go up to max discount before you jump in, you are HOLDING the group buy back. Don’t be that dude.

1. @Comb
2. @vertrx7
3. @tacoma.jpg
4. @Corey00d
5. @BeardedYinzer
6. @anewman9
7. @nishibot (tundras)
8. @fettylopp (t4r.org)
9. @dell (t4r.org)
10. @nefarioc (t4r.org)
11. @KOswalt7
12. @The_Black_Pearl
13. @kylehorvath
14. @harrison20
15. @Pushincaskets
16. @MisterMo
17. @grendel (tundras)
18. @socal8654 (tundras)
19. @BlackRoan
20. @2000tacobro
21. @sdde4n (tundras)
22. @hnsmrob (tundras)
21. @bill sc1000 (t4r.org)
22. @Birdog
23. @Bullnettles
24. @13yota
25. @360joules
26. @Maxcustody
27. @pixelsailor
28. @Taco Lineman
29. @scotty0196 (t4r.org)
30. @shaggadelic (t4r.org)
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