Another story on why it's so critical to carry an emergency communication device


Sounds more like Darwin was cheated. Dude obviously hadn't checked the weather or his gear before embarking, not that he had the proper gear or skills anyways.
Second time in the last week or so I've seen mention of the cold cellphone not working. Like many things, it can be warmed by placing it inside your clothing next to body.

Lucky beats stupid, I guess.


As with most such events, it's usually a succession of errors or accidents that lead to tragedy. When there's it's a death or serious injury, the story is almost universally about more than one failure along the way.

We've all encountered challenges, but the idea is to stop the dominoes from falling. This guy knocked over several, but the simple act of buying and carrying the PLB was the difference for him - it was one choice among many. Gear, training, attitude, etc. are all choices that can save the last domino from going over. Personally, I'll carry as many of those "saves" as I can get.

This year has been a record setting one for the number of search and rescue callouts that we have had. I often wonder why we're enabling the lower end of the gene pool to continue on this planet. LOL
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