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A week ago I picked up my new vehicle. I ordered it the first week of April so it was just over a 4 month wait, but its worth it!

So, what is the 4xe (four-by-e, not four-ex-e)? Simple, take a Wrangler Unlimited with the 2.0-liter turbo and stuff a 16.6 kilowatt-hour battery under the rear seat and a 134 HP/181ft-lb electric motor in the transmission. There’s a few more differences of course (like an extra cooling system for the battery and the alternator is replaced by another motor-generator) but it retains the Rubicon package goodness of front and rear lockers, 4:1 gears in the T-case and an electronically disconnecting sway bar. The battery is good for 22 miles of range (I’m getting 25-27 right now) and the system runs as a regular hybrid when that’s depleted for an EPA estimated 20 MPG combined (I averaged 23 once the battery was done on my 600 mile return trip from picking her up). Oh, and put your foot down and the ICE and electric both combine to put a smile on your face .

That torque comes at a cost though, but not what you might think. The tax rebate makes this drivetrain roughly the same or cheaper than the V6 so the price is a wash. The real cost is in payload, or lack of it. The GVWR for all the Wranglers is the same, so the electric components eat 450 or so pounds of the typical 1300 leaving only 850 pounds to play with. Subtract out my fat ass and I’m not going to build this out with every item in the catalog unless I want to be over max. For the record, the diesel engine is also handicapped by its weight and only gets a payload 100 pounds or so more.

So, what is my plan? I don’t plan to sell the Taco until I get some time to play with the Jeep and see if it can be my new adventure rig. For now, it’s my DD and will see use hitting local parks and destinations. I pay 10 cents per KWH for electric so I pay half of what gas would normally cost each week, plus I have a ton of new tech to play with. I must admit that it’s a bit disconcerting to see that the oil pressure is at 0 when cruising along on the highway though. For now I am focusing on safety and useability mods, but I’ve known myself for a while now and I’m sure that more stuff will be on order soon enough.
Mods and Gear

Phase 0: Things I brought when I picked up the Jeep.
- First aid kit (generic bag filled with components from the Red Cross web store)
- 67 Designs phone mount and Garmin in-reach mount
- Ratchet straps for securing luggage
- BOB aka my day pack

Phase 1: Daily driver duty
- Hotheads headliner. Reduced wind noise and radiant heat. And holds patches…
- ARB single compressor under passenger seat
- Rollercam straps for securing cargo (replaced the worn out ones from above)
- Door mounts in garage for storage when running naked
- Mopar doors-off mirror kit
- Rigid hyperspot and D2 driving light on bumper (extras from the Tacoma)
- Folding USMC E-tool
- OBD link and JScan app (for clearing codes and changing settings)
- Desert Does It seat jackers (changes angle of seat cushion for tall driver comfort)
- Goose Gear Tailgate table
- Juice Box Level 2 charger
- Recovery kit from the Tacoma

Phase 2: Camping and Exploring
- Rhino rack backbone with pioneer rack
- Warn EVO 10S winch in factory bumper
- Yaesu FT-300DR dual band ham radio
- Midland GMRS radio
- Dometic CFX-35
- Ecoflow Delta 2 battery pack
- ARB 2.5 meter awning
- Gazelle tent
- 2x Maxtrax on a Rhino Rack mount
- Trail Rax on driver side
- 2x 2 Gallon rotopax water containers
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I must admit that it’s a bit disconcerting to see that the oil pressure is at 0 when cruising along on the highway though.
A future manufacturer's change will address this by eliminating the oil pressure gage from the driver's choices of visible instrumentation.
My Wife has a Sahara 4Xe and lately it is getting about 29mpg, but that rises now that the school year has started and her total commute is 16 miles, well within the are electric range of the truck. We have seen 930 miles out of a tank of gas in those months, which is pretty stellar for jeep.
But we also charge it when its at home, so its always full.
Nice truck..
A future manufacturer's change will address this by eliminating the oil pressure gage from the driver's choices of visible instrumentation.

Does the instrument cluster have 2 modes of operation and gauge selection? An ICE gauge selection and a electric gauge selection?
Does the instrument cluster have 2 modes of operation and gauge selection? An ICE gauge selection and a electric gauge selection?

Joking aside, the vehicle has an application on the infotainment screen called “off road pages” which gives a live display of critical gauges including coolant, oil and transmission temps plus oil pressure, 12v battery voltage, status of the lockers and sway bar disconnect. This is separate from the center gauge cluster. Tech toy!
First mods were some of the important stuff and went on immediately. First aid kit (tear-away) bag from Amazon and contents from the Red Cross website. The tourniquet and holder were from my day pack and have since been moved back to the pack (which lives in the vehicle now anyway).

Next up was a phone mount from 67 Designs. I like to use my phone as a second display for running music and navigation. I’m still getting used to the infotainment system but overall the Jeep Uconnect system has been great. I have a second mount inbound for my inreach that will mount on the passenger side ball.

Daily driver mods are mostly done. First up was a headliner from Hotheads. I picked the tan color to keep the interior from being too dark. The headliner has thermal insulation, was simple to install and includes a set of their “sound assassin” strips to dampen noise.

Next up was a set of mounts to hold the doors and a set of mirrors to stay safe (and legal) when enjoying the nice weather. Jaxx approves of rides without doors.


Then I got the ARB compressor installed under the passenger seat. I used the ARB mount (which needed some help to fit) and wired the compressor to one of the factory 40 amp auxiliary switches. I left the ARB switch installed on the mounting bracket in case I decide to change the wiring later, you can see it and the air chuck under the seat.

Nice ride!
Did you get a dedicated charger or just plug it into a regular 110V outlet?
My wife drives a Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel and loves the power but when we go and replace it in a year or so this hybrid is on our short list.
Did you get a dedicated charger or just plug it into a regular 110V outlet?

I had/have planned on a level 2 charger right away but so far I haven’t felt a need to charge faster then overnight. If I want to go somewhere after work or do multiple trips on a non-work day I just let the gas engine take over. Even then, the jeep is still a hybrid so the motor shuts off and it runs electric unless it needs more power. Time will tell, but I don’t feel it’s necessary yet.
we did a dedicated 240v socket and a Grizzl-E L2 charger from amazon... the plug is also for my Welder..
The plug was the most expensive part, well the wire run was anyway.

we find ourselves charging it when we get home and driving mostly on electric..
It has been some time so I guess I can post some 12,000 mile updates. So far the vehicle has been perfectly reliable, but I did notice a hit to the electric range (down to 18 miles) over the winter, but that has gone back up to 19-22 as it has warmed up. I am sure the roof rack cost me a mile or two but I can still go to work and back on electric only. I installed a level-2 charger on a new 240v outlet in the garage and that is a huge win. I can do multiple charges in a day for trips around town which really cuts down on fuel use. If I am local I buy gas once every 4-6 weeks, and that's at a half tank. On long trips I get about 20mpg on gas when the battery is at "0". The vehicle keeps the battery at 15% state of charge when it shows <1% left and functions like a regular hybrid by using the electric motors to assist on hills or passing, and recovers charge from braking or using excess power on the engine (when not under load).

Overall I am really enjoying this Jeep! As a daily driver and occasional (not often enough) weekend warrior it seems about perfect.
Jeep 3:4 view update.jpg
15k mile update: Major issues, CEL's, noises or failures: NONE

The good:
-I bought a 240 volt charger a while back and it really makes a difference. I can drive to work on battery (mostly, see below) then charge up in 2 hours to run errands. 45 minutes of charge gets me to the local grocery story without a hitch. Unless I leave the local area I fill up every 6 weeks or so, and that's at a half tank left.
-I am getting used to not having much storage. My simple rear storage solution works but needs improvement. I am holding out that goose gear will have a seat delete soon but I will at least improve my current setup in the coming months (If I ever get time).
-So far I've only done some minor trails in West Virginia but the vehicle handled with ease (it is a wrangler rubicon after all). Planning on getting out more soon, plus I can't wait to play with the 4 HI Auto mode if we get snow this year.

The bad:
-I've been helping my girlfriend move out of her house and towing a small u-haul trailer up and down I95. I was getting about 12 MPG with a 3k load and wind resistance which sucked. I should have filled up with 93 octane to let the turbo motor sing a bit higher, but I hate towing. It's not a tow vehicle but the hit was pretty bad, although the power was still there when needed.
-The tail lights are over $900 on this vehicle since the sensors for the blind spot detectors are built into them along with the LED package. Don't let your girlfriend jack knife the trailer because they stick out just enough...

Current rear storage system: A shelf that sits level with the rear seats when they are folded and gives storage underneath large enough to hold my recover and tool bags but still gives access to the small storage compartment under the floor.
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