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Caney Creek 8-22-09 010.jpg Look up Bankhead National Forest and you will find the Indians called it the Land of a thousand waterfalls. I serve as a volunteer Forest Ranger and leading hikes to the more remote waterfalls are part of what I do. We have photographed well over 300 water falls as they seem to be everywhere after a rain. Google Caney Creek falls that is a good one to start with or get a group of 4-8 people together and let me know if you want a free guide.
Will be at Morris Mountain ORV Park in 2 weeks. Looking forward to visiting Bama again for something besides work.
Oh yea!!! I have a few friends that have been there, but haven’t been there personally yet. Heard good things though. Here’s one closer to me. I haven’t been in a few years & believe it’s changed ownership since last time i was there, but still a cool place I believe.
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