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I have done some research here but I thought I would reach out and see what people advise. I have a 2015 Ram 3500 gasser, stock height with an Aluminum Flatbed and Bundutec Odyssey camper. The rig has 82,000 miles on her and about 60,000 miles ago, I installed Bilstein 4600 shocks. I've also upgraded ball joints, stabilizer bar and track bar to Carli components at about 65,000. After a lot of on and off-road miles, the ride is getting a bit sloppy and soft and I want to upgrade the shocks and front coil springs to something a bit beefier. I'm not interested in Icon or the other super high end suspension systems out there -- I want to keep it simple. I have used and had good experience with both Bilstein and OME so am thinking either of these manufacturers would be great -- but what specifically?

It looks like OME only covers the 1500. So with Bilstein, will the 5100 make much of a difference? Are there other Bilstein's that would work? Coil spring recommendations? Other manufacturers I'm missing?

One other issue -- I installed a Carli Track bar and the Heim joint failed after a few thousand miles. They warrantied it and the second has now failed as well. In speaking with a number of Ram owners, the general consensus is that Carli's quality control isn't what it used to be and parts failure is pretty routine now. Any suggestions for replacement?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Thuren and Carli are the best bet for the full-size dodge. Both are companies that were started by enthusiasts because there were not options for these trucks, and the owners are still enthusiasts running these trucks hard. You really cant go wrong with either, but I would give the Edge to Thuren. With either company, you will get the name-brand shocks with custom valving tuned for these rigs, in general from Thuren it will be either Fox or King depending on your budget and how you use the truck, and Carli will do Bilstein or King. Don Thuren is open to questions, I have talked to him in email and in person and he has always been a wealth of information and actually recommended Carli front springs over his own for the way I use the truck. You can get Don at dthuren at or head of sales Chris Willet at thuren.sales at You could also contact Cody or Cole at CJC OffRoad, they sell both Thuren and Carli and can also give you a lot of detail
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