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As lock downs are lifting, I wanted to stop and reflect on some new hobbies I’ve been keeping busy with. The activities are overland-related and should improve your overall experience on your next trip.

Build a Tiny Truck R/C Crawler

This is not your childhood RadioShack R/C car. The kits today made by Traxxas, RC4WD, and Axial Racing will have you doing a double take. Don’t believe me? Check out @scalebuildersguild on Instagram. These are 1/10th scale 4wd vehicles complete with differentials, solid axles, and even lockers. Not unlike our overland vehicles, each platform offers different advantages and challenges.

The biggest factor in choosing a platform is which body style you find most appealing. Everything is available from classic Land Rovers, Blazers and...
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Mines been filled with my GX build.

Thought I was looking at layoff back in April. Our main customer hung in with us. We stored 50 of their 737s and have slow rolled the maintenance program from 12 planes to 5. Things are ticking up though! Returned 7 of the 50 to service and maintenance is picking back up to 8 planes of maintenance a month.
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