A quick day tripper up to Big Bear, CA


A few friends and I had been trying for some time to coordinate a quick trip up to Big Bear, CA for a mild trail run as they wanted to break-in their rigs, not seeing dirt before. Unfortunately my Xterra is down and out for the count, so my little CB500X would lead this tame run. My friends had both bought themselves GX470's, one lifted with tires and skids, and the other was completely stock, and just recently purchased. Not a problem for either rig. The route was essentially 2N02 trailhead in Big Bear all the way to Pioneertown, and then hard slab it back home. Easy peezy.

With my bike lightly packed for a day run, and my friends ready to roll, we headed up into Big Bear. It was surprisingly busy with traffic up and down the mountain as it seemed like a major holiday but I still was able to thoroughly enjoy the twisties. Even with these tires, I was able to confidently scrape peg.

In the Panniers: Basic tools, mini compressor, patch kit, first aid and a camp chair. Tank bag: Nikon D610. I also had a 3L waterpack on me. I was going to pack the tail bag instead of the panniers, but I didn't have the right size, as my two bags were either too large or too small. Oh well!

Kids love motorcycles.



Instead of just jumping straight onto the 2N02 trailhead, we relaxed at the lake for lunch. They had arranged freshly made sandwiches and ice cold drinks. It was perfect weather for a lakeside lunch.

Excuse the crappy cellphone photos...

Another crappy cellphone photo

And another the crappy cellphone photo.

We wrapped up lunch and headed for the trail. Prior to hitting the dirt, I aired down to 25psi and held a quick trail etiquette/briefing and we were on our way. The GX's would stay aired up as it wasn't necessary.

Overlooking the north side of Big Bear




As I'm sure most of you know, the trail itself is very green, with a few rutted out sections but can be done very easily. They had no problems and neither did I, seeing that it was my second time on dirt. The bike handled it all perfectly and my skills have definitely improved since the NVBDR and DRV2020. I am itching to get a little more travel and ground clearance as I was utilizing my skid plate far too often...





The weather was perfect, lots of smiling faces with good times being had, and now we have two more folks christened into the offroad world.


This bike needs more mods!!



With a quick air up and break, we stopped into Pioneertown to check out the cool western town. The sun was setting and darkness would soon be upon us and our hungry bellies so we jetted early to get home for dinner and a rest. For myself, I was beat to hell and was craving a shower and an ice cold adult beverage.




Tucking in for the ride home...

Until next time y'all!
Man I miss Big Bear! I'm so ready to get on an airplane again...

Great looking trip, thanks for taking us along. I know you said you aired down to 25 psi, what pressure do you run on the street?


Man I miss Big Bear! I'm so ready to get on an airplane again...

Great looking trip, thanks for taking us along. I know you said you aired down to 25 psi, what pressure do you run on the street?
Thanks! Street riding, I run max pressure at 35psi front and rear.

I don't have an accurate gauge but my air downs run anywhere from 20-25psi on tubeless wheels. I dont want to run too far low and risk cracking a cast rim.
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