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As a longtime audiophile, I’ve always appreciated the high end sound of Kicker. Founded in 1973 by Steve Irby in his garage in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Kicker pioneered the first full frequency-range speaker box designed specifically for cars and trucks. Their iconic “truck box” speaker paved the way for the mobile audio genre as we know it. Now, they’re making wireless speakers for outsiders like us. The latest in this lineup is the Bullfrog Series.
Recently, I was contacted to perform an independent, unbiased review of their new Bluetooth wireless speaker.
Yes, you read that right. And now you’re thinking, “how the hell can anyone provide an unbiased review on free gear?” To this I say, that’s a GREAT question and one I’ve given much thought to lately. This community was founded on telling it like it is and that continues here with Adventurist Life Magazine. We’re keen on breaking the current paradigm of advertorial pablum, especially in the Overland segement. So if something sucks...
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Good article, I've not seen the Bullfrog.

We purchased a Jam Xterior Max, last holiday season. Waterproof, dust proof and very heavy for all the bigger it is. Great sound and it will last a full 12 hours on a single charge. Plus we got one for just a tad under $100. We're pretty happy with it but would like to see how the Bullfrog compares because if @Dave liked that Kicker it's gotta be good.


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I had kicker speakers behind the seat in my 83.5 Datsun/Nissan pickup in high school. The stereo system was worth more than the truck!
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