3RD Gen Tacoma Camper Shell, Rear Bumper, Rock Sliders, Mountain Hatch Tailgate Panel


Senior Staff
Pics are listed below. Over the summer I'll be prepping for a flatbed & canopy. These items will remain on the vehicle so I can still do stuff. However if someone is interested they can come off early. If you want more pics let me know.

CBI Sliders AC or DC short bed - $400
SOS Rear Bumper w/swingout and jerrycan holder * - $850
ARE CX HD 6' Camper Shell w/molle interior and Front Runner roof rack ** - $2500
Mountain Hatch Tailgate Panel - $130

* IMPORTANT: There is a support that needs to be welded on that was missed during production of the bumper. SOS sent me the support and it needs to be welded on. My plan was to get it done before selling the bumper but I deducted my cost for the work from my intended selling price for the potential buyer who can weld or has a buddy who can weld.

** will include the Front Runner canoe rack.

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