30 day all expense paid vacation for me!

So I won the prize and am on my second day of a 30 day all expenses paid vacation. Food, spa, gym. The works! My window overlooks the 605 Fwy. and the San Gabriel river.

I am spending the days in Duarte California at the luxury resort called City of Hope.

Yessiree Bob. I am one lucky duck.
Well all good things have to end. I am now home in my own bed. etc. Oh happy Day!

About 3-28 they will know if what they tried worked. Also on 3-28 they will let me drive again.

My skinny old arse heading for the Panamint Valley on the 30th. It will be to either celebrate or cry into my cool refreshing Chi Chi. The official drink of my desert forays. When in my 1960 trailer.

Here is the recipe for you.
1 Cup ice.
2 ounces, Coconut milk
2 ounces Pineapple Juice.
4 ounces Vodka.

Blend and sip or swill.
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