2022 Honda CRF450RL


Well since the last data loss, this thread was lost to the internet gremlins but here's Round 2!

Snagged this fairly like-new 2022 Honda CRF450RL with just under 75miles and small scuffs from a previous fall. This is planned to be my dedicated offroad bike and I'll be keeping the CB500X as my road bike.

I learned a LOT of lessons from the ADV build on the 500X, and will be implementing all the things I can do with and without. But more importantly, keeping the bike lightweight and less is more.

The bike came stock but with only an upgraded Vortex ECU. It's been flawless just putting around town, as I have yet to get it on the dirt where it belongs...

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First order of things was to make sure my bottom was comfortable on long hauls as the stock seat is unforgiving, even for a little guy like myself.

In comes the Seat Concepts - Low Comfort. This thing is a world of difference and totally worth the coin needed to fork over.

Plus it gives my short 5'7" stature a better footing at stops.



Even as comfort is important, getting the bike sprung properly takes the cake to make sure its working properly. After trying to get the sag set up, i needed just a bit less spring rate to get me in the golden zone. I hopped on Race Tech's website and tried out their spring calculator for both the Fork spring and rear shock calculations per my weight. Comparing to the stock springs, I needed quite a lighter rate and I went ahead and pulled the trigger for the fork and rear shock.

The swap itself was relatively simple after certifying myself on YoutTubes. An hour or so later and the springs were swapped over, and the sag readjusted properly.



After taking the bike around town a few more times for about an hour, wind buffer sucked and the handguards could use some beefing up. I ended up installing a Zeta windscreen and also Barkbuster VPS handguards.

With the Zeta screen, having a bar to attach my small GPS Phone is nice, plus having a USB charger easily accessible is even better. Trying to keep things as simple as possible yet have the amenities for long distance travel if necessary.

The best part of this screen is that with just 4 screws, it can be easily removed for rougher riding if necessary.



Barkbusters well, because barkbusters. They work.


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