2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

More mods or useful items or crap just depends how you look at it.

I got around to mounting my D rings on the 3/4" mounts. The D rings came from ORW in San Marcos.

For Christmas my son wanted some underbody lights for the jeep. To make a short story long I had a gentleman come down from Ramona who wanted to buy one of my Owl boxes and he was a Overlander. He had a nice Tundra so we were going over mods on each others truck. He opened is hood and showed me some nice KC lights that lit up the engine bay really well. We talked and exchanged info and the rest is history! Cool mod and works great!
So I bought 2 sets one for the jeep and one for the truck. Install was about a hour, no problems as they came with a wire harness, and a fuse very easy mod and works great. Just 2 small holes with self tapping 3/4 " screws and done as there was plenty of room for the screws. I am anal as well as I placed a layer of sealant on the screws to prevent water intrusion. The lights were finished off with a nice wire loom or snake skin as some would say. Wires were ran under the heat pad on the hood down to the drivers side and followed the weather stripping to the battery. The switch was installed in a existing hole in the frame in front of the battery. the hold did need to be enlarged a bit for the switch and I installed a rubber boot as well. Wires have been tucked in for a cleaner look.

Note my son with dad's help installed his lights under the front tire well just in front of the tires on the jeep they work great In that location. He is stoked! He even had a extra switch that had fed nothing. I guess it was installed by the original owner to power something ,but never went anywhere?

As you can see form the pictures I was able to mount my air fitting under the LP9 lights and the Anderson connector as well on the driver side. Since than all air lines have been ran to the connectors. I had custom hose made by my friends at T&S supply in Escondido. Just make sure you have a swivel fitting at one or both ends. No this was not a after thought! Just a heads up.

Next I bought a set of Baja fog lights to replace the OME ones , They are nice and bright and it was pretty much plug and play and used the existing OME connectors from the truck. A bit pricey but they work well. They need to be adjusted in the center of the cut out for a cleaner look. Also all of the lights have security SS bolts to prevent theft but as you know if they want them they will find a way.

Not sure if I took a picture of the Spod but it's mounted on the fuse box make sure you leave plenty of extra wire tucked away so if you remove the fuse box cover you can do so with out stressing the wires.








Hi ya all... Change of plane of should I say parts? Going with the Icon 3" lift stage 5. Coil over upper arm and a bunch of other associated parts and stuff. BFG 35" tires with Black Methods rims 25 mm off set to help fit the bigger meats, minor body chop no big deal. add a leaf in the back. Have everything out to bid right now at a few places so by the end of the month should have a few pictures. As Dave said when I bought the trucks Nice Limo! Well it just got nicer! So stay tuned, I am going to try to get pictures of the install if they let me.

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I just saw the truck 1/2 hour out of the shop. Lifted with 35's I LIKE IT, I call it the The Grey Menace. But I am sure Ray will come up with something.
OK Next mods that are coming up are the AMD electric side steps which should give me more clearance under the doors. They should arrive this Monday Tomorrow. After that I just ordered a locking box what fits under the rear seats as the storage there in very limited. 3 small sections of carpet and foam will need to be removed, just looking at the area it should give me plenty of lockable room for items and even my Henry Survival rifle and winch gear straps and other items that I want to store out of site. So stay tuned!
Ok my running boards came in but the rain has put a damper on installing them, Rats. Just a few days ago my under the back seat lockable storage unit came in Make sure the send you the rights instructions! I had to call as they made a mistake sending me the wrong ones! On worries they email me the correct set with in a hour.

Before you tear into the box the template for the unit is on the box so when you get it don't just start to open the box! Also there some helpful youtube videos on the install. For cutting out the template cut the 3 square areas first, this way it will give you a more ridged box to work with than cut out the perimeter. Now on the center cut out you need to be careful cutting out the Styrofoam as there are wires under the foam see pictures! The install was very easy the hardest part was getting it through your mind to cut the carpet. So basic a cave man could do well maybe. I found the easiest was to cut the Styrofoam was believe it or not was a pruning saw! Worked great! Next you vac up the mess you just made and install the box. 2 people are best as the brackets for the rear seats need to slide in a groove. no worries
Out of 5 wrenches I would give the job a 1 pretty easy just follow the instructions.

Now I have a lockable area and storage that I did not have before. One other thing, I removed the Styrofoam from the back of the carpet and used that to line the inside of the box to keep the rattling to a minimum. When we got done it was raining a slight bit so you can see swirls on the side of the seat. Total time maybe 1.5 hours minimum tools 17 mm socked, 1/2 drive ratchet, torque wrench, long screw driver, marking pencil, razor knife and pruning saw, Shop vac, Nice thing was no busted knuckles, no missing or cut fingers! and a nice clean install.










Well got the AMP running boards installed yesterday. Started to run the wire harness and it's to damn short! Just when you think there is light at the end of the tunnel you get thrown a curve ball. Oh well Should be done today if there is no rain. We will see.
Got the AMP running boards installed the other day., very nice quality, the directions were spot on. Nice rough non skid on the steps and Led light to boot. What would of been a bit nice if the brains of the unit gets zipped tied to a wire harness under the hood in the engine compartment. A bit cheesy if you ask me. It would be nice if had 2 ears on the side to where you can mount it to say a fender well or fire wall. This was a plug and play system only 8 wires to connect together 4 for the led's one each and 2 for the passenger side and 2 for the drivers side, out of 5 hammers I would give the project 2.6 on the dummy scale. Every thing was well thought out and no missing parts. but be aware when you are unboxing the product the motors and other items are marked passenger side and drivers side. So be aware! On to the next project, Looking at a cab high shell. Stay tuned for a few pictures.


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Looks like a nice lockbox! I see they have a "long compartment" version as well for regular non breakdown long guns.

How sturdy are the lids? Looks like just a flat plate, perhaps easy to pry open?
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