2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

After much debate between the Tacoma and the full size Tundra, I went with a 2020 Tundra Platinum model Metallic grey, black leather seats. Why? Well for me is was simple, I deserved it! No really I still need a vehicle to pull my 6k boat and the truck is rated for @ 10K So is was simple besides I want a roomier cab. This crazy thing is loaded to the max to heated and cooled seats, I love the rail system in the bed, It has tie downs that adjust to where you need certain items to stay put and a host of other goodies. Nav. system to self folding mirrors in tight places to Rhino lined to cargo rails to a back window that slides out of place to a sun roof to a beer dispenser machine! Just kidding. This thing is really plush no kidding. Wife has not seen it yet, I just a few pictures to her as she is in Wisconsin till this Saturday.

Yes I have been looking at mods even before I bought the truck. I need to keep it as realistic as I can verses how much off road driving I will be doing compared to street driving. But still want the capacity to be off road capable when needed.

So here is a list I have gathered so far!

New bumper with a Warn winch 12 k as the list is limited pictures to follow. I am a cable guy sorry.

Airbags depends how it rides with the boat behind it.

LP9 off road lights for sure.

4 ridged square ditch lights.

6 switch spod.

Extreme outback compressor with tank, I need to check under the truck for tank location. Pending but a compressor for sure unless I can find a belt driven conversion.

4" lift and very possible 33 or 35" tires now sure yet?

I might remove the running boards and install self folding electric ones.

Snugtop camper shell color match.

This is just a list to start with. With my mind at a whirl, I know my brother can't wait to drill a hole in the top for an antenna for the radio system! He said nice truck when can I drill a hole in it! Typical, maybe a glass mount antenna?

Pictures to follow... 20191028_070603_resized.jpg 20191028_070631_resized.jpg 20191028_070651_resized.jpg 20191028_070659_resized.jpg 20191028_070709_resized.jpg 20191028_070756_resized.jpg
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Al Swope

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That looks amazing. Does it have push button start? Does it have apple car play? I doubt you'll need air bags. 6k trailer is a joke for that truck

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I've had apple car play in several rentals. It casts most of your phone features on the large display. Maps, music etc.
Yes believe it or not it will go off road! So here is what I compiled so far. Now just waiting for all of this to come to the house! It's hurry up and wait!

A set of LP9 lights see pics.

Iron Bull bumper as I did not want a brush guard or the pre runner look, Being it's a 2020 the choice was fairly small. I have been flaming the internet for hours finding something I like, will function and looks good. I originally wanted a ARB but none for the 2020! with out the brush guard. Rats

Next up is a Warn M12,000 I know the synthetic is normally the way to go but I am a cable guy,

and the last one so far is the 6 switch Spod for the upper console.

1 Rechargeable Klarus XT11X Flash light if you ever wanted to burn someone's eyeballs This is great! or blind them with a strobe even better!

Looking at Snugtop shells as well.





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Well the LP9 lights and the Spod arrived today. Very cool set up! I will be working on the Midway this Saturday and have to pick up the wife at the Air port tomorrow as well so Sunday it looks like I can at least install the Spod unit in the engine compartment and the switches in the cab. I will take plenty of pictures for sure. I can not install the lights as the bumper is about 4 weeks out so I will be in a holding pattern. I did order the HD Extreme compressor today so that should be here soon and will get that mounted, Guessing that will be before the bumper. Winch will be here Tuesday. Still checking on air tanks what will fit best. I will keep you posted. Oh the flash light arrived yesterday, blinding is all I can say about that!
Well the Spod is installed. For all you guys and you know who you are... Follow the directions! They were very easy even a caveman can do it!
Makes it easier.
First order of business, order the correct one for you vehicle which I did. Second was finding the elusive 10MM socket!

I notice after the install the square panel had a few nicks where I inserted a small screwdriver, this was later cleaned up so no worries.

The main unit was mounted on top of the battery box sorry on pictures. It took about 2.5 hours to install, if I would of had help maybe 1.5 hours. But it's done. Now that I have all these switches I have nothing to run off them as of yet. I am waiting for my bumper so I can install lights and Compressor when they arrive. I do have the light but need the bumper first! Rats! At least the main wiring is done for now.

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Been a bit busy lately volunteering on the Midway here is San Diego, But I was able to get the compressor mounted and the air tank mounted as well the other day, along with the air horns off a military 2.5 ton truck. Pictures to follow. Next will be the bumper and winch along with lights.
Well the bumper came in today, I was hoping sooner but can't have everything go as planned. Pictures to follow. The bumper is by Iron Bull and took about 5 weeks for delivery. It's still I n it's wrapping. I am hoping I can get installed next weekend. I went Iron Bull for a few reasons, one it has sensors holes and it's welded totally, not skip welded. and I liked the looks. The Compressor is mounter and along with the air tank. The compressor is mounter on grommets to cut down on noise and vibration. The compressor sits between the back bumper and the spare tire very nicely and is tucked in nice and hi place and is well protected. The unit is fully sealed. So no worries there.

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1574859628495.png 1574859655531.png
Good looking stuff Ray, Take your time in the build do it right and you should be trouble free.If my right arm was better I would be finishing up your radio.The 03 mic standard stealth mode or the 09 head $2000.00 extra
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Okay my son finally had a little bit of time off in the Marine Corps so he helped me get the bumper on to the workbench get the winch and rollers mounted. Next is to roll it over as it's upside down in the pictures. We need to roll it over to see where we are going to mount the LP9 lights, air chuck, and the Anderson connector. Stay tuned. This thing is heavy beyond belief. Good thing I have access to a cherry picker.

20191201_062150.jpg 20191201_062159.jpg 20191201_062210.jpg 20191201_062239.jpg 20191201_062246.jpg


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I was impressed with the set up Ray. Looks like it will fit the bill very nicely. I think Dave would approve of the very solid 3/4 "recovery mounts. And the full welding instead of being stitch welded on the entire bumper.
Well had a break in the weather finally got the bumper installed and LP9 lights. Just so you know the LP9 do not have covers so had to make some. Next to mount the Anderson connector and Air fitting. Project is coming along nicely. and the Ham radio.
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Anderson connectors and wires are ran, Air lines are run as well as air chucks., Military 5 ton air horn is installed. and finished up today with 2 KC led lights for under the hood to lighten up the engine bay and installed Baja Design Fog and driving lights.

20191225_131303.jpg 20191225_131238.jpg 20191209_113527.jpg
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