2019 Socal Desert Rendezvous


Senior Staff
Location: Somewhere in the California Desert
With the coordinates dispatched to those who were in the know, the stage was set for the 9th Annual Desert Rendezvous presented by American Adventurist.
Day 00:
Local weather reports had been giving out mixed readings regarding rain, and our team needed to meet early at the Rendezvous site in the desert and get set up for the large gathering to come during the weekend. Staff members Cris Mateski, Doug Robertson, and Stuart Mc Williams headed down Wednesday afternoon amidst a mixture of weather. It was a constant on and off rain, with peeks of sunshine and then more rain. Rain in the desert is always amazing. And messy. In the meantime, Brett and I would arrive to meet them the next day.
Day 01:
On Thursday camp was setup by the time Brett and I arrived on site. The weather we encountered was a steady on/off rain all the way from Los Angeles to Anza Borrego State Park. The roads were wet and so was the fire road on...

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Awesome article! Great job by EVERYONE involved. Its awe inspiring to see the tree that was planted 9 years ago, once again flower and bear its fruit after another season of careful and meticulous planning. The article certainly satiated my senses long removed from the deserts that once made me whole. I could almost smell the desert air... carrying the aromas of the various culinary creations; hear the sounds of happy friends and families, some reuniting for the annual gathering, others meeting in-person for the first time, and the sight of the wide open vistas that inspire the sleeping pioneer in all of us to get out and explore, were as beautiful as ever! Thanks again to everyone involved... members, sponsors, staff and those who ensure we enjoy the freedom and ability to get out and enjoy this beautiful land of OURS!
Appalachian Rendezvous

As much as I wanted to go I was stuck at MCRD SD. I'm glad ya'll had fun out there! The pictures look amazing
As much as I wanted to go I was stuck at MCRD SD. I'm glad ya'll had fun out there! The pictures look amazing

Stuck is one way to put it. But you were where you were supposed to be.

Semper Fi Marine!

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