Nestled in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest is Camp Tahquitz, home of the American Adventurist Mountain Rendezvous.  Here in a small hollow surrounded by towering pines, our community gathers each September for a long weekend of camping, community, and enjoying spending time outside in the mountains.  Starting on Thursday, members are free to arrive when they want and be as active or relaxed over the next few days as they feel like.  That’s the beauty of our community events – we’ve got stuff on the schedule, but what you participate in is up to you.  Thursday afternoon saw a rain shower that cooled us off and left the forest damp, which would set the stage for a weekend of near perfect weather.  By the time the stars were out on Thursday night, folks were busy enjoying each other’s company at various campsites, and you could tell from the animated conversations that all were having a good time...
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What a great event! BIG thanks to all of you who came out to our 9th Annual Mountain Rendezvous, and a HUGE thanks to all of the great companies that share our vision for this community!

Above all, a huge round of applause for our STAFF that made this happen!


This Mountain Rendevous 9/2019 was the last event that Susan and I were able to attend prior to 3/2020 the "stay-at-home order and all that cr*p.
Today I'm looking back with nostalgia and I remember that I haven't unloaded the truck since that trip.
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