2019 Mountain Rendezvous - Gold Mountain Black Diamond Trail Run


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This trail run will be limited to 6 vehicles.

The trail may be changed based on interest, vehicles in attendance, or current conditions.

Line up by the stage at 8:30 AM Saturday for drivers Meeting

Coms TBD at the drivers meeting

1. Trail Lead - @Missymac80
6. Tail Gunner -

The trail is approx 25 miles of highway from camp, please be prepared for the day with fuel, lunch, recovery gear, first aid kit and anything else you think may be needed for the day.

Trail Description from Trails Offroad

3N69 - Gold Mountain is one of the harder offroad / 4x4 trails on the Big Bear Mountain Range. The trail starts off by immediately winding its way up to just over 8,000 feet. Due to its technical challenges of this rock crawling trail and unique location overlooking the resort city of Big Bear Lake, this trail is a popular destination for many off-roaders. Besides the simplicity of the location, Gold Mountain offers drivers two different technical ledge/waterfalls, the largest rock garden on the mountain, what could be the best spot for group photos, and the best views of the resort town. But be ready, the trail can easily deceive most drivers resulting in body damage to your rocker panels or something worse.
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