2019 Appalachian Rendezvous: Official Thread


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Which spurred me into an hour going down the rabbit hole of researching the hell out of the location. Im proud to say the answer is (which I'm sure everyone who has been to this location before will be like, DUH) "Yes, yes it does."
Stayed at this exactly location last year as part of the Unlimited LJ Adventure. I can say not only does it have showers, but they are in fact nice showers. Nice little pavilion there with the bathrooms attached to it. Looking forward to revisiting the site.
The memorial has been placed in memory of Scott Fields in Uwharrie at UORTC (across the highway from Eldorado Outpost).

Keep it moving!

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I have reached out to the respective organisations, Carolina Trailblazers, SF4WDA,and Danielle at Tread lightly, so hopefully we will see representatives from those groups as well on 14 September.


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We have a guest speaker coming to Appalachian Rendezvous this September!

Dan Grec of The Road Chose Me will be on hand with his well traveled Jeep.


Originally from Australia and now hailing from the Yukon, Dan just completed circumnavigating the entire African Continent in his purpose-built Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The adventure of a lifetime, Dan's expedition spanned three years and covered 53,500 miles through 35 African countries including The Congo, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria and many more. Though the expedition had many misadventures, like Dan contracting Malaria twice, rolling the Jeep in Uganda and camping at International borders, the Jeep itself never suffered a single breakdown and was the perfect vehicle for the adventure.


Ten years ago, Dan set out to drive the Pan American Highway from top to bottom. Starting in Calgary, he drove North to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, then turned south and drove all the way to Ushuia in Teirra Del Fuego, Argentina - 40,000 miles, and now he's passionate about helping other overlanders get out there and live their dreams.

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