2018 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous


Thursday, Day 01:
Our day started with the American Adventurist team already on-site and prepping for the slew of members to arrive for check-in at our 8th Annual SoCal Mountain Rendezvous. We’d arrived a around 3:00pm after loading up and making logistics stops along the way. Traffic was light, the weather was very pleasant but warm, and we finally arrived to Camp Tahquitz with not a cloud in the sky. The entire team was there at the check-in station, along with our founder, Dave Bennett, who had flown in from the Midwest the day before to see everyone. We got our camp setup and joined the team already on duty. It was a day to unwind and get into the Rendezvous mindset!


Friday, Day 02:
It was a wonderful morning as the sun began to rise and shine between the many trees throughout Camp Tahquitz. The camp slowly began to come...

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Incredible Photography and Event detail. Thanks Richard. Well done!
Great stuff as always, Richard. Your photos have a fantastic color quality I wish I had the skills to replicate.
Great narration of a classic gathering! Well done...meritorious slap on the back for all involved!
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