2017 Mountain Rendezvous Photos and Stories


Frankie had a great time seeing everyone and being carted around in the Jeep. This was Brittni's second time camping ever so the rain in a topless Jeep was even more fun on the trail! Thanks for a wonderful event and the winning ticket for the patches!

I don't have more than the one photo from Misfit corner, but what happens in the corner, stays in the corner...

Tim getting some fireside love from Frankie

@olyello on the trail flexing

Having a good rainy time!
image6.jpeg image7.jpeg

Window hangs

Spencer, Kevin and Jim having fun!
image4.jpeg image3.jpeg

Frankie demands space and Bentley kinda let it happen...

The newest Adventure Trailer fit for a Queen
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Thank you all for a great weekend. The Tire discussion got me thinking. I've been running my PSI at about 55 on the road for better gas mileage. The door called for 34psi (w/ stock tires) and the tires say 80 w/3415lb. So on the way home I did the math. 3415x4 =13660. My truck loaded was at about 6500. So since that was just less than half the weight I aired up just under half the 80psi at 38. I received the same gas mileage on the 250 mile route home w/ 38psi as I did going up there with 55 in the tires. However the ride was much better.

We got in late (again) on Saturday, but every precious minute at the MRV was spent with great like-minded people, looking at beautiful rigs and learning from everyone's experiences. Thanks again for a wonderful event, you guys and gals all rock!
Anette, Scott and the Blue Boys (sorry the little one is such a spazz-monkey :rolleyes:)


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Wow, @richard310, those are some amazing photos. You really captured the spirit of the event and the people. I love how you just dropped my little r/c car in there with the rest of the rigs to see if anyone noticed.
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