1. OverlandTheWorld

    VR1200 Warn Winch, 3/8" Synthetic Viking Winchline, w/ Factor 55 prolink -Phoenix $950 for package

    VR1200 Warn Winch 3/8" Synthetic Viking Winchline 100ft - Orange - used once, has some road dirt Factor 55 prolink Package MSRP if new = $800 + $475 + $150 = $1425 ASKING: $ 950 OBO Located in Phoenix, AZ, will not ship Cheers, Jeff
  2. Dave

    Dave's "Torque Wagon" Build

    Mopar. Dodge. Ram. I've been a fan for years. When I decided to sell the Tacoma, the decision was made to purchase something with better fuel economy, and better payload. We looked at all options and I test drove a 2016 Power Wagon. I liked it a lot but despite the lockers and swaybar...
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