tread lightly

  1. Greg

    Treading Lightly

    It's more than protecting the environment. "Respect the Rights of Others" includes considering the safety of others as well. "Educate Yourself" goes beyond the scope of etiquette and laws governing environmental impact. Are you familiar with the term "trundling"? I wasn't but some recent events...
  2. Dave

    Adopt-a-Trail Project: San Bernardino NF, 1N05 Fish Creek,

    Big thanks to @BlkWgn for helping set up our first official Adopt-a-Trail here at American Adventurist! LOCATION: San Bernardino National Forest (near Big Bear, CA) 1N05 Fish Creek Length: 7 miles Maintenance Level 3: Maintained for travel by prudent drivers in a standard passenger car. User...
  3. Dave

    American Adventurist Supports the Adopt-a-Trail Program

    As stewards of the land, we are proud to support Adopt-a-Trail projects at the Federal, State and local level. We encourage our members to seek out and partner with local agencies and businesses to maintain and repair OHV and hiking trails to ensure that they remain open for public access...
  4. Dave

    Group Buy Round Four: American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo

    In support of Tread Lightly and our community's commitment to keeping trails open and our lands clean, we are producing a fourth round of the American Adventurist Edition Trasharoo to ensure we can pack out what we pack in! Shipped price to all 50 states is $73 ($53+$20 flat rate shipping and...
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