1. Sarah Blessington

    Timber Me Ginger's Solo Cross Country Scooter Adventure!

    I am so happy that I found this forum when I did! I just want to start by saying THANK YOU to all who have already reached out to me and helped me plan this trip!!! From gear to roads, pies to campsites, everything has been wonderful. A little about me: I'm 26, just quit my job, have...
  2. Sarah Blessington

    Solo Cross Country Trip on a Scooter :-)

    YES, I know it's a ridiculous idea and that I should get a 'real bike'... But (at this juncture) my mind is made up and I'm going for it! So please, if you're going to contribute to my post, I'd love some real advice on how to make this a success :-) The plan: Starting in San Francisco, I will...
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