1. BlkWgn

    Outback Swags - Review

    I have been using a Pioneer Tent from Outback Swags for a couple of months now and love it. I did a review of it for the Blog @Blkwgn_wyfee and I do at Since the review I have gotten more time with it, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 nights. I am posting the entire blog...
  2. BlkWgn

    Voila Specialty Instant Coffee - Review

    This is a review I did for our Blog Those of you who know me, know I am all about coffee, and many of you have seen the kit that travels with me. With a cross-country flight and week-long camping trip I was dreading the thought of instant coffee. Luckily I was saved with...
  3. BlkWgn

    Safe Jack - Review

    Here is my review of the Safe Jack that I originally posted on our blog Family Off The Map I have been looking at the Safe Jack kits from Bogart Manufacturing for a few years, I have read about them, watched the videos and window shopped at Overland Expo. Well I finally came home from expo...
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