ram 2500

  1. jesseazarva

    Snow wheeling in near Dove springs California

    We are back in the snow! New Years weekend takes us out into a snowy winter wonderland once again. Come along as we put the tow rig to the test as we hit some slushy 4x4 trails. Out in the California desert once again, to do some offroading in the snow and mud. California RV travel in snowy...
  2. Dave

    FS: RAM 2500 PARTS

    I'm posting this here before it goes to CL. We're doing a flatbed FWC conversion to the Ram along with a few other things so some of these brand new OEM Mopar parts need to go to a new home. Great opportunity if someone needed some collision parts as these are quite expensive through Mopar. All...
  3. Dave

    Dave's "Torque Wagon" Build

    Mopar. Dodge. Ram. I've been a fan for years. When I decided to sell the Tacoma, the decision was made to purchase something with better fuel economy, and better payload. We looked at all options and I test drove a 2016 Power Wagon. I liked it a lot but despite the lockers and swaybar...
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