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    CORVA - California Off-Road Vehicle Association Quarterly Newsletter

    You can read the entire 2018 Volume 1 of Off-Roaders in Action here
  2. BlkWgn

    Land Use Organizations

    I am working on compiling a list of OHV friendly organizations that support public lands for a project I am working on. Here is what I have so far if anyone has any input on groups that should be added I would love to fill in the rest of the states here.
  3. BlkWgn

    San Bernardino National Forest - 2019 Off-Highway Vehicle grants

    SBNF Press Release SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — For the past 20 years, San Bernardino National Forest has been a recipient of over ten million dollars from California’s Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grants. The money has gone to creating and maintaining OHV staging areas and trails, route monitoring...
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