1. Greg

    2005 BMW R1200GS Air/Oil cooled

    Found this at Mortons BMW in Fredericksburg for $6500 and 53k miles on it. Saw it on their website and went in just to look. Walked out with another bike. Glad I snagged it when I did because it would have been gone if I had waited for another 30 min. Someone came in to buy it as I started...
  2. Greg

    What I am finding out about owning a Ural

    The only people who ride Urals are the people who work on Urals and if you didn't when you bought it, you will if you expect to ride it often. The service interval after the break-in period is 5000km. No need to worry about converting it to miles because the odometer is in km. Throttle body...
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