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    2018 Conqueror UEV-490_$49,988.00_Currently in Illinois

    We are changing directions with our set-up. We are sad to do it but, "Attila" needs a new home. This Conqueror UEV-490 Platinum is fully loaded (except air bags). Many extras are included in the sale. This is a complete overlanding/camping set-up. All you need is food and a destination…...
  2. VORSHEER Off-Road Trailer

    NEW 2019 VORSHEER - XOC and XOC-R Overland Trailers

    We are working quickly to have an XOC and XOC-R trailers ready for the SEMA convention in Las Vegas from Nov. 5th to Nov. 8th. These trailer will then be ready to ship to buyers or for pick-up in Las Vegas (Nov. 8th after 6 PM) or Springville, UT (Nov. 9th or after). We may also have a VRT ready...
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