1. BoldAdventure

    Power Wagons in MOAB 2017 - May 1-7

    10th Annual Power Wagons in Moab 2017 DATES: May 1,2017 to May 7, 2017 WHERE: Moab, Utah OFFICAL SITE: Join us the first week of May for the 10th Annual Power Wagons in Moab. Whether your truck is stock or modified, there will be something for everyone. Take in...
  2. BoldAdventure

    Mother's Day Outing on Hell's Revenge

    We've been in Moab now for two weeks, and yesterday was Mother's Day. My wife has put up with all my wheeling, and has done plenty of spotting and taking photos for me as we push the limits to see what a stock Ram 2500 Power Wagon can accomplish trail wise. So yesterday after the usual...
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