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  1. S

    Sold: Selling 2002 Flippac Needs Repair

    I have a 2002 Flippac on a 97 Ford Ranger XLT extended cab I wish to sell. The last time I had it open about a year ago the tent fabric looked fine. Issue #1. Some hooligans in my neighborhood thought it would be funny to drive by and chuck a rock through the back window so it was shattered...
  2. jcast327

    PART OUT 1997 Ford Explorer

    Parting out a 1997 Ford Explorer v6 engine, auto transmission shifts great, 4x4. Roof rack syste, trailer hitch receiver, dash, door panels, The seats and carpet are trashed. The engine makes a weird noise but I dont think the engine is the issue, but the owner didnt want to fix, I bought it...
  3. soc.diver

    2006 Tacoma TRD Off-Road for Sale. *SOLD*.

    The really don't want to sell this truck, but I have a growing family. Perfectly maintained, single owner vehicle with high-quality upgrades. I would like to see this go to a member of the community so my price is somewhat negotiable. Asking Price: $18,000 Location: Santa Cruz, CA - 4.0L V6...
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