1. Optimistic Paranoid

    Stalin's Dead Road

    One of the photo sites I read had a very interesting article. A New Zealand photographer explored a long abandoned railroad project in Siberia. The kind of trip a lot of us wish we could take. Great pictures, great historical story...
  2. richard310

    Trip Report: California Coastal Expedition 2016 **PHOTO HEAVY**

    *** This trip will be broken down by each day's adventures. Here is the premise thread in case any of you are interested: http://americanadventurist.com/forum/threads/california-coastal-expedition-2016.4078/ _________________________________ With Christmas done and completed, bellies full and...
  3. BoldAdventure

    BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build

    2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Laramie Our Blog | Instagram | Facebook Vehicle Objective: The purpose of this build is to support our family of four, in both on and off-road adventures. The rig needs to serve a multi-purpose role of towing regularly and handling overnight off-road adventures...
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