1. BlkWgn

    2018 Desert Rendezvous Trail Run - Pinyon Mountain - Sat

    Saturday 2/24 Drivers Meeting 8:30 On the Move at 9:00 Estimated return 3:00 Difficulty Rating 6-7 (depending on current conditions) https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/759-pinyon-mountain-road#_=_ Trail Leader: Erik @Celt II Route Drive to the trailhead on S2 (33.056931, -116.421351)...
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    2018 Desert Rendezvous Class Descriptions

    We are very excited to bring more classes and discussions to the Rendezvous Events. These classes are open to all attendees Friday 2/23 9:30 - 12:30 Introduction to Orienteering with Matt @Matt This will be a hands-on basic class about how to use a map and compass together Form teams and...
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    2017 DRV Photos

    Here is the spot, lets see your photos.
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