1. BoldAdventure

    BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build

    2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Laramie Our Blog | Instagram | Facebook Vehicle Objective: The purpose of this build is to support our family of four, in both on and off-road adventures. The rig needs to serve a multi-purpose role of towing regularly and handling overnight off-road adventures...
  2. T

    Trav's "La Poderosa" Build

    Translation of "La Poderosa" is powerful or mighty I am not new to the HD Dodge Ram game but this time around I am choosing to build a vehicle more suited for life's adventure. You can check out how I used to use my old HD ram on my youtube channel: To start my build...
  3. Dave

    Dave's "Torque Wagon" Build

    Mopar. Dodge. Ram. I've been a fan for years. When I decided to sell the Tacoma, the decision was made to purchase something with better fuel economy, and better payload. We looked at all options and I test drove a 2016 Power Wagon. I liked it a lot but despite the lockers and swaybar...
  4. BlkWgn

    BlkWgn - A Power Wagon Build

    I have had my build thread online for a while, but I am finally getting around to getting it posted here. The truck is a 2006 Dodge Power Wagon. For those of you that don't know, the current power wagons are "factory modified" Dodge Ram 2500's. What, you ask, is the difference between a...
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