1. BlkWgn

    Our Little Adventurist

    Welcome our little girl Hunter Ellen Mateski 8:41am June 27 2016 7lbs. 8.9oz 19 1/2 inches long
  2. BlkWgn

    BlkWgn's Wagon

    Well some of you may know, but we have been lucky enough to sucker Garrett out of his teardrop trailer. A lot of work has already been done, but there is more to do. It does not "need" anything, it is just some cosmetics and personalization. This will be the start of my "build thread" for the...
  3. BlkWgn

    BlkWgn - A Power Wagon Build

    I have had my build thread online for a while, but I am finally getting around to getting it posted here. The truck is a 2006 Dodge Power Wagon. For those of you that don't know, the current power wagons are "factory modified" Dodge Ram 2500's. What, you ask, is the difference between a...
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