36 hours of uwharrie

  1. Dave

    2016: Official Schedule of Events

    Here is the OFFICIAL schedule of events for 36 Hours of Uwharrie!
  2. Dave

    36 Hours of Uwharrie: Rules of Engagement

    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • 1 Team = 1 Driver + 1 Navigator + 1 4WD Vehicle • 36 Teams = 30 Competitor Teams + 6 Sponsor Teams. Only 30 Competitor Teams can place (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). 6 Sponsor teams only receive points they cannot place. • One licensed, insured, and NC DOT road legal 4WD vehicle...
  3. Dave

    36 Hours of Uwharrie: FAQ

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ● What is 36 Hours of Uwharrie? 36URE is a four wheel drive and backcountry endurance challenge with an emphasis on self sufficiency that encompasses points based components that test mission completion strategy. Successful teams will employ redundant mobility...
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