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  1. BushHead

    Portable Propane-fired pizza oven

    I taught my dog to say I love you....
  2. BushHead

    Map Solution?

    You already have the iPhone, use it, if it works all good, if not then try something else.
  3. BushHead

    Ford vs Ferrari

    I think they did a whole episode on it on the last season of grand tour as well. Good stuff!
  4. BushHead

    Ford Bronco's return
  5. BushHead

    Is youtube becoming the new instagram?

    I like Venture4wd as well. Another I really like is Dirt Sunrise, no idea why they're not more popular.
  6. BushHead

    Wire for winch controller

    Most THHN these days have a THWN rating, you should be ok with it.
  7. BushHead

    120V switch

    That and those switches are all cheap pieces of s**t... Change them out constantly on food service and refrigeration equipment... anything they're installed on really...
  8. BushHead

    Guess who's back and with a Title

  9. BushHead

    Guess who's back and with a Title

    Saw this on the book of faces.. made me think of this thread...
  10. BushHead

    Uwharrie Fee Revisions Proposed (Comment thru 5/31/19)

    Not really adding to the convo but I remember when you just put your money in a box on a stump at the trail head... Considering the area I always wondered if they ever saw any of that money... course it was way less crowded then.
  11. BushHead

    Uwharrie Fee Revisions Proposed (Comment thru 5/31/19)

    As with most government fees, I agree with them in principal. Now if those fees are actually used for what they say they will be used for, it would be a miracle....
  12. BushHead

    The Crazy Weather Thread

    Pollen... Durham NC.
  13. BushHead

    The Crazy Weather Thread

    the pollen... damn I hates it....
  14. BushHead

    Forest River Jumps in the Overlander Game

    The double size beds in bunk layout are the best for kids... there always seems to be more than just my two every time I go anywhere...
  15. BushHead

    Jeep finally got it right

    I had a regular cab truck.. then got a wife, and a kid, then another kid..... truck got swapped for a burb... I still think the reg. cab trucks are the best looking!
  16. BushHead

    Nissan to merge with Dodge/Jeep/FAC? Hmmmmm....
  17. BushHead

    Well there goes my cheap trips..... We used WOW for our Germany...
  18. BushHead

    The Star Wars Thread
  19. BushHead

    The Star Wars Thread

    hmmmm... Star Wars thread or tent thread.....
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