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    Its called a Marine Sniper...
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    Snow Peak....anonymous

    I'm still partial to my old school Baja burner... Space and weight aren't THAT much of an issue.... for my tank Land Cruiser..
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    100 Series (R-Equipt) Land Cruiser. New Bern or Bust.

    SO... its been a LONG time since I've posted anything in here. Not only was it the steering pump, but I also had the steering rack replaced. Sadly the Hundy hasn't been on any adventures worthy of note... Just wasted mileage commuting to and from work.. I'm struggling trying to find a suitable...
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    Trump's 92 Land Cruiser HZJ77

    Love what you've done, Mark. She's a thing of beauty!
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    Trump's 92 Land Cruiser HZJ77

    Where ya headed???
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    Trump's 92 Land Cruiser HZJ77

    Soooo? Does that mean you have orders???? ;)
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    2019 Socal Desert Rendezvous

    Awesome article! Great job by EVERYONE involved. Its awe inspiring to see the tree that was planted 9 years ago, once again flower and bear its fruit after another season of careful and meticulous planning. The article certainly satiated my senses long removed from the deserts that once made me...
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    The I4WDTA

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    SOLD: Visor Cover by PDW

    That hurts.... you KNOW I'd make my own.... .... fanboy, maybe... but there are certain things I draw the line with... same with Snow Peak....
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    SOLD: Visor Cover by PDW

    LOTS of problems... visor covers aint one of em though.... Actually didnt know they ever made a visor cover....
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    Falken Wildpeak M/T

    I'm on the fence about trying the AT Varietal...
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    New Years 2019

    Happy New Year, American Adventurists!!! 2018 was great in many ways but I'm glad to wave it goodbye in the rear-view mirror. I hope all of you enjoy a safe and prosperous 2019, full of adventure, good fortune, great health and safe travels!
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