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    A hot and gnatty Thomas Mountain

    Great pics and write up. Thanks for sharing.
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    Power Wagon Build

    Oh my, your truck is bad ass. Tell us about your travel trailer.
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    Stubby 2m antenna

    I know, I know, all jokes aside, as far as dual band antennas are concerned, height equals maximum RX/DX distance. The shorter the antenna, the shorter the RX/DX distance. Put a stubby on a lip mount on the hatch or roof top rack that doesn't clear all the obstructions, you might as well have...
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    Ineos Grenadier

    Very cool. Looks like a Defender though even though its design was "engineering led". How will the Bronco stack up to all of these?
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    HAM certification

    Congratulations. I still haven't made any contacts with my HT. It is mounted in my truck with a rooftop antenna but it doesnt kick out enough wattage on transmit to hit anything here.
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    richard310's Moto Adventure to 2020 Desert Rendezvous

    Thanks for sharing. Motorcycle touring is tough enough on hardpan, let alone dirt, gravel and silt. Great adventure for sure.
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    The American Adventurist Swag Thread

    Got it! And a few others.
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    The American Adventurist Swag Thread

    Did I miss the American Adventurist patch in the shape of the continental US? Just looked in swag and it was sold out again. Dang.
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    Wilco tire carriers

    A big concern of mine is the ability to pull my travel trailer with whatever tire carrier I run. I believe I can use a wilco but it will cut the tongue weight in half. I may have to use a hitch on the front and put the wheel/tire there.
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    New Project Trailer

    Very nicely done. Seems real comfy. Great work.
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    Mojave Rd. mailbox

    Here in Florida, we have a little canal off the St. John's River by Blue Springs. It is very small, shallow, and navigable by bigger (20+ foot) at very slow speeds. People would put bird houses on the lower limbs of the trees to remember love ones who had passed, commemorate events, or to make...
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    2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax build, "The Grey Menace"

    Wow. That is quite a truck. How many batteries are you running?
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    The Random Dose of FUNNY Thread

    Seriously, don't put the box for that new 70" TV out with your trash (or any other electronics). There isn't a reason to let all the burglars know what you bought yourself!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all, wherever you are!
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