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    Overland Expo sold?

    So I guess we know how you feel :) - I've seen this exact post in 3 different threads on 2 different forums now. I wish the Hansons the best and hope they did very well with the sale and can enjoy a little slower pace of life now. Todd Z.
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    Overland Expo -- SEMA in a field?

    Thanks for everyone's replies and thoughts on this subject. I haven't been able to attend the past few years and I really missed it. I was able to attend the first one in Prescott Valley in '09 and then two of them at Mormon Lake and I was astounded how much it had grown between PV and Mormon...
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    Old School 4x4's

    A friend of mine had several Broncos in that exhibit over the past 6 months. Really neat display! Todd Z.
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    Is FRP (FlipPac) still in business?

    If it's the Brian Skipper I know of, he's the former owner of Sway-A-Way (purchased by aFe) and they have a great deal of experience (decades) making torsion bars for VW-based off road racers. Hopefully he can help you guys out. Todd Z.
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