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    Monache Meadows Trip

    I've been thru there a couple times. Plan to go there a few more times. Several ways to get there but the easiest is to take Sherman Pass Road east from US 395 to Blackrock Road and go north. You can also take M99 north from Kernville, catch Sherman Pass just past the Johnsondale bridge and head...
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    Gnome, Gnome on the road, where there's deer, antelope and toads...

    <envy>I gotta win the lottery soon.</envy>
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    UP Michigan

    Probably don't have the time for it but Isle Royale is magnificent.
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    Real Life First Aid Experiences

    Also keeps the gf or wife happy. :cool
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    Real Life First Aid Experiences

    I second bob91yj's suggestion. I have Wilderness First Responder on my bookshelf right now. Another good one: Medicine for Mountaineering: And Other Wilderness Activities which sits right next to it.
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    Road Conditions has a lot of the info you may be looking for. I am unaware of any organization that collects such data and publishes it on line for free. There are often local clubs that have the info you want.
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    Real Life First Aid Experiences

    Auto accidents are the worst. Massive trauma all over. I've seen a couple of spectacular accidents and it is not for the squeamish. Best is to check your ABCs and assume there will be shock. Don't move unless it is life threatening not to and even then try to keep spine aligned. Without...
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    My Dog Loves Camping!

    Rex the Wonder Dog to the rescue!!!
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    Gnome, Gnome on the road, where there's deer, antelope and toads...

    I think I saw that girl in Winslow. I just wish she'd stopped....
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    Grand Canyon North Rim and the Parashant NM

    Been to the south rim twice. Now I just gotta go to the north rim! Thanx.
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    Sunday's hike

    Last Sunday went for a hike down the Fishbowls trail into the Sespe Wilderness. On some private property north of the national forest they were holding some kind of event for the NSTRA (National Shoot to Retrieve Assn.) but Avery and I didn't stop there. Instead we headed out on the trail for...
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    Saline Vlakesalley

    Saline Valley This is a place I visited a few years back one winter. Sandwiched between Death Valley and the Owens Valley is the little known Saline Valley. There are two "easy" access points, one from the north and one from the south. In good weather the trip can be done with great care in a...
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    Upcoming Trip: 2015 No Highways Tour = 1 jeep, 12 states, 28 days, 3,500 miles... NO HIGHWAYS!

    Key West is crowded. Very difficult to find parking. It's a shame but looks like you are bypassing the Everglades. Kennedy Space Center is another great stop.
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    Route assistance

    Mojave Road Lots of off-roaders do their camp at Mid-Hills campground.
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    2015 Subaru Outback: American Adventure Rig

    Sigh. I'm still using my '94 Suzuki Sidekick for my ORVing. Lifts and larger tires makes it pretty darned good.
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